Aspiring Semi-Minimalist

September 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

What is Semi-Minimalism?

I admire those minimalists with their car-free lifestyles, their six-item wardrobes, their tv-free homes, their 100 things and their lack of goals.  I really do.  I read their blogs regularly and dream of a day when my desk only has five things on it.

But in my reality, I have a husband who travels, two teenage daughters, a full-time job (just expanded to two jobs), a busy volunteer schedule, a cat, a dog, and a mortgage.

So I’m not going to aspire to becoming a minimalist anytime soon.  Instead I will work toward Semi-Minimalism — I will work to only have and do things that I usually love.  I will try to minimize where I can so that I can indulge where I want.  For example, I drive an all-electric, zero-emission car for 90% of my daily commuting and errands.  My other car is a big seven-seater gas guzzler.  That’s how I roll.


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