Stop Shopping update

November 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Failing miserably … that’s how my stop-shopping project is going.  I discovered that I really enjoy recreational shopping.  I love the ideas and the possibilities!  I go out on “creative excursions” to inspire myself with the latest “solutions” that have been developed for modern 1st world problems.  I live in a beautiful small town with a tourist-y Main Street that has the most gorgeous window displays (definitely a rival for those on 5th Avenue!) and walking up and down and  b r o w s i n g the windows is something that actually brings me great joy.  With a delicious peppermint mocha in hand … even better!

Does this mean that consumerist culture is so deeply ingrained that I have to go through withdrawal?  Is it possible to be someone who actually just loves merchandise and merchandising?  Is there a middle way?

This is what I know:  On a recent field trip to Indianapolis, I enjoyed our time at the city park more than I did the mall.  The park was amazing (I LOVE the urban renewal in Indianapolis!) and I just laid out on a blanket in the sun with the cool breeze blowing and enjoyed the activity around me and the feel of the grass and wind.  I loved the way our high schoolers made up various games and activities and took off their shoes and ran around without a care.

So here’s my new belief: a day at the park is better than a day at the mall.


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