Just in case …

November 21, 2011 § 3 Comments

One of the first things I did as a commitment to the earth (almost ten years ago?) was to minimize my use of paper products.  So over the years I’ve accumulated a LOT of cloth napkins and naturally, I maintain seasonal variety (which will be the topic of a separate post).  I have a family of four and my signature accent color is red.  So as I went through the stack this morning, I wondered what I must have been thinking when I bought the robins-egg blue napkins.  And then I remembered that one year I “Summer-ized’ the house by replacing the red (pillows, throws and area rug) with this shade of blue.  So as I think about it, I realize that I not only have these blue napkins in the kitchen, but I have blue pillows, a blue throw and some sea shells in a closet somewhere too.

Once I made this realization, my first instinct was that I had better keep these napkins just in case I want to Summer-ize again in the future.

Then I recalled a conversation I was having with my oldest daughter yesterday about the abundance of clothes that she has and she said that many of the items she didn’t actually like anymore but she kept them just in case she changed her mind again in the near future because she had already regretted some of her decluttering choices.

And what I really heard from her was that she was afraid that if she regretted getting rid of something, she wouldn’t be able to get it back or replace it.  While this might be more understandable for a a teenager with limited sources of income, I think my own fears are  not valid and need to be faced.  I heard Debbie Ford say once that “Faith and fear cannot coexist.” and I need to remember (for myself) and demonstrate (for my family) my trust and faith that whatever I need will be provided.

How about you?  What do you keep just in case and what process do you follow to let go of your fear?


§ 3 Responses to Just in case …

  • Martha (MM) says:

    My husband and daughter are the habitual “just in case” keepers. My husband would definitely be like the guy in the photo!

  • oooh, coats and cookware are definitely my “just in case” items. I think I have eight mini corningware dishes just in case we would suddenly need to make eight small custards! (I did make custard tonight. We needed ONE of the dishes). Coats, oh, I must have one for every kind of weather, just in case!

    I’m trying to start small to let go of my fear. I’m planning to take just one of the eight dishes to the thrift shop this weekend. If I can live with one less and don’t miss it, maybe I’ll have the courage to get rid of more.

    It’s a comfort to hear that other people struggle with this too. Thanks for the inspiration!

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