Embracing limits

December 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m fascinated by those stories of other folks imposing outrageous limits on themselves … Six Items or Less; Project 333; 100 Things … I really WANT to want these limits.

For those of us who don’t come by minimalism naturally, I believe limits can be a great tool for decluttering and avoiding recluttering.  Since I was raised in an all-you-can-eat American family, I’m still working on shifting my paradigm to embrace limits.

One of my holiday-gift-card purchases this year was two sets of non-slip hangers — 36 in total — along with six clip hangers.  I’ve set a goal for 2012 to reduce my wardrobe to just those hangers and the items that get folded (undergarments, pajamas, athletic attire).  Though it may not sound like it, this is a really huge goal for me because my closet is currently overflowing with items that I think I love, but don’t wear for some reason or another.  I also have overflowing drawers and an off-season box of clothes under my bed.

My closet is often the first place I go when I need to spend a few minutes decluttering and no matter how often I clean it out, there are always new pieces of “clutter” in there that I didn’t see last time.  So first, I’m going to use the backward-hanger tip to identify what I really wear every season; then I’m going to replace the hangers for those items I have worn with my new hangers.  I’ll start this week by hanging my fresh laundry on the new hangers and at the end of each season, I’ll declutter those items that didn’t get worn.   (If I have a problem getting rid of any of these items, I’ll use Colleen’s tips here.

My new thought about limits: unlimited=excess; limited=enough.


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