January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Many minimalists are not in favor of goals, so resolutions seem to be off the radar on most of the blogs I’ve read.  I LOVE Chris Guillebeau’s annual review process (though he is admittedly not a minimalist), and Gwen Bell has a great monthly review process that she follows (that I can’t link to because she sends these by e-mail).  Gretchen Rubin has some great resolution tips as well.  I’m a little late to the year-end thing every year because I have kids and my anniversary is December 30, so all of my energy is spent planning and then executing our holiday vacation (we go skiing instead of giving gifts) which includes packing, a roadtrip and the logistics of picking up my mom somewhere along our route.  We usually get back on the 30th in time to pick up our dog and celebrate our anniversary and then we play games with some family friends on New Year’s Eve.

I did my own annual review toward the beginning of December, but it is only this week that I really started to think about what I want my 2012 to look like.  Here are a few of my resolutions:

  • Improving my health — this will start with eliminating sugar in January and progress with a mini-habit each month as Leo from Zen Habits has suggested.  During my annual review, Health was the single thing that I had made no progress on during 2011 and during our ski trip last week, I really felt the lack of stamina.
  • Productivity — Overall, my career was a success for 2011 — my job included both challenges and rewards.  In 2012, I will focus on honing in on my most productive work style (hours, place, surroundings, etc.) and see if I can work fewer hours with the same results.  (I worked way too many hours in 2011.)  I would also like to do the same for my personal productivity — when is the best time for me to exercise consistently?  When to pray & meditate?  When to read?  When to write?  When to declutter?  (I am looking forward to trying some of Colleen’s mini-missions on 365lessthings)
  • Creativity — In 2011, I started a blog that I enjoy updating (I like my mac, I like the format, I like the time of day that I write, I like the topic(s)).  In 2012, I’ve added a project 365 to help me build my daily writing muscles.  I also want to learn some new handcrafting skills — sewing or crocheting or knitting, etc.  I need a creative outlet and something to do with my hands other than eat;)

How about you?  What resolutions are you really planning to keep this year and how will you do it?


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