Semi-minimalist Holiday decorations — Just in time for takedown

January 5, 2013 § 1 Comment


Over the past two years, I’ve decluttered more than 60 percent of my holiday decorations (yeah!).  On Black Friday this year, instead of shopping as I’ve done in the past, I decorated the inside of the house while DH decorated the outside.  I think we were both done in less than an hour.  I was very happy with the inside … a (reduced) collection of oldest DDs nutcrackers in the front window; a (reduced) collection of youngest DDs snowglobes in the entry and a (not reduced) collection of Christmas photo frames of DDs each year with Santa on the Kitchen window sill.

Now that the holiday decorations are coming down, I’ll be reducing some more — mostly Christmas dishes and linens that haven’t come out in several years.  My dream (for my future little cottage) is to have fresh cut greens for garland and wreath with some flowers for color and very few things that require storage, care or maintenance.  I’m down to three small boxes and two large boxes for inside and one large box for outside.

How about you?  What were you able to minimize this year?  Did it work out for you?


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  • I did, a bit. I chose an ornament theme (red/wood/cream) and weeded out everything that didn’t fit. The creepy battery-operated teddy bear train hit the donate pile. I have no idea who gave it to us, and it starts up at the oddest moments. I’m convinced it’s haunted.

    I focused on natural decor this year. I collected dried crepe myrtle branches and sprayed them gold to stick in the tree. I buried the mantle in Spanish Moss and threaded white lights through it. All of it came from my yard and looked very lush. I hated taking it down.

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