William Morris Project — the Office

June 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

I work from home many days and have allocated a rather large space on the main floor just for myself (great, right?!).  Today it’s filled with a HUGE desk that has become a magnet for clutter and the whole room has become a junk pit that is neither productive nor inspiring.  I’ve decided that I like to work in different spaces depending on what I’m doing — sometimes at my kitchen table, sometimes in bed, sometimes on the couch — so I will sell the HUGE desk and turn this room into what we call the “Starbucks lounge.”  I envision this as a room where DD will enjoy doing her homework (she likes natural light) and where a family member can enjoy reading without being distracted by the television or chatting happening in the other rooms.


  • The space — it’s bright with wood floors and french doors
  • The location — it’s at the front of the house right off the front door and has visibility to the “dining room” and the entry and front staircase
Office before

Office before

Office before detail

Office before detail

To be beautified:

  • Remove the clutter
  • Remove the desk
  • Add comfy love seat (from living room)
  • Add two chairs (existing wing chairs, though would like to recover or replace at some point)
  • Add art wall

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