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Decluttering: Core Desired Feelings in 2015


For 2015, I’m embracing the ideas detailed by Danielle LaPorte in her book, The Desire Map.  Specifically, rather than setting resolutions — which have never worked for me — I’ve focused on which feelings I want to have this year.  After much deliberation, I’ve settled on Inspired, Intentional, Present and Worthy.

The book includes a workbook section that walks through how to convert your desired feelings into intentions for the year and I’ve kicked off my activities with a big declutter (as part of being Intentional about how I use  my space) starting with my office and den and doing my closet this morning.

My closet was the most difficult because I love clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry, though thankfully, I’m “minimalist” on the types (black clothes, bags and shoes, silver jewelry).  My closet rules for semi-minimalism include limits based on space and hanger availability.   The down-side of these rules is that if you aren’t continually decluttering, any excess ends up piled on the floor and in the bedroom chair.  For 2015, my intention is to declutter in smaller portions more regularly … a drawer, a shelf, a file, a box.  Hopefully, this will help me stem the chaos.


I didn’t count them, but I’m sure I had close to 60 pairs of shoes and I donated 1/4th in order to fit back into the allowed shelf space.

IMG_0006 IMG_0005



I wanted good drawer storage for undergarments and pajamas, so I moved a discarded dresser into the closet.  This also allowed me to shrink the boundary for the amount of hanging clothes I keep.

IMG_0003 IMG_0002


How about you?  How are you kicking off 2015?