Politics of semi-minimalism

January 28, 2017 § Leave a comment

I’ve been engrossed in politics since the election. I didn’t vote for the current president and I’m really at a loss to understand those who did based on the actions taken so far. (I understand their anger and frustration and disenfranchisement, but I’ll save that for a different discussion.)

The thing I’m so turned off by is the greed and self-centeredness of our new president and his complete unwillingness to consider the needs or opinions of anyone who disagrees with him.

I realize through this that my brand of minimalism is based on a do-no-harm foundation. While I thoroughly enjoy the aesthetic, financial and emotional benefits of living with less, (and that is often what I focus on to stay the course,) the original and primary motivation came from wanting to consume less and to use my dollars in a way that supports some of my other core values (human rights, fair trade, environmental sustainability).

Sadly my values are not shared by the dominant power today and I wonder how many people on the minimalist path were drawn to it for different reasons.


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