Friday Favorites

It’s still Friday here in Japan as I’m getting ready to board a plane to spend time with my family.

Favorites this week:

  • Good transit options: Every time I leave my house for an adventure, I walk ten minutes to the central city terminal and I can get anywhere in the world. Today, we arrived at the bus terminal just in time to catch the next bus to the airport. We handed our luggage to the handlers, paid using a train card once we got on the bus, and settled in for a comfortable ride to the international terminal. I marvel at the efficiency and comfort of transit options in Japan and I’m grateful for the lack of planning required for that part of our trip. I know when I get back to Japan at the end of the week, I’ll easily grab a return bus that will be another short walk from my apartment.
  • Child-friendly cities: Although we live in a high-rise apartment, there is a park downstairs and many children live in our building. I love my walk through that park on my way home after work and nothing makes me happier than to see all the kids playing. The children in my building — as young as three — are learning English and like to practice on us. My favorite is the elevator departure, when I hear them laughingly call out, “see you!”
  • Disney movies and music to start my vacation early: I am especially in love with the new live-action version of Aladdin and the soundtrack is a favorite.
  • Airports and airport lounges: Even after more than a year of frequent travels, I still love airports with few exceptions (I’m looking at you Manila). I love the sense of adventure, the people-watching, the cultural fusion, and (if I’m lucky) the comfort of an airport lounge.
  • The anticipation of fun: In her earliest blog posts related to her Happiness Project (and book by the same name), Gretchen Rubin wrote that part of the fun is the anticipation of fun. That has stuck with me, and I try to make sure to have things on the calendar to anticipate and then spend some good time enjoying the planning and anticipation.

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