I’m an aspiring semi-minimalist wife and mother working full-time in corporate america in information security.  I live in the South in a small historic town 30 miles outside of a major city.  I love historic preservation and I’m fascinated by sustainability, minimalism and the power of positive thought.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. tre3

    Dear Semi-M,

    Thank you so-o much for your blog. As I break free of a consumer oriented lifestyle (that I set up!), I am also struggling with what should takes its place. Not only have I made lifestyle changes but I’ve also changed my eating habits. I am feeling more and more islolated from the mainstream consumer and even some of my friends. Just today I stopped at BB&B looking for kitchen tongs and a little recreational window shopping. I left empty handed and a little sick to my stomach.
    I can really relate to all of your posts and look forward to reading more for ongoing support.

    1. I SHOULD be a minimalist. Post author

      Tre, hang in there — I know how you feel! Thankfully there are a lot of great blogs by others who are working toward the same goals and they keep me inspired. You may have to embrace being the odd-man out, though … we are definitely counter-culture on this one!

  2. I SHOULD be a minimalist. Post author

    Hi Rafabrega,
    Thanks for your post. As a full-time wife, mother and worker, blogging is something I do for fun so up-to-date for me is anytime in the last six months 😉 There are some amazing blogs that are operated by professionals for your more regular reading pleasure. Below are a few that I personally follow. I welcome recommendations!

    365 Less Things — http://www.365lessthings.com/
    The Art of Non-conformity — http://chrisguillebeau.com/
    The Art of Simple — http://theartofsimple.net/
    The Art of Simple Travel — http://theartofsimpletravel.net/
    Be More With Less — http://bemorewithless.com/
    Becoming Minimalist — http://www.becomingminimalist.com/
    Living Simply Free — http://living-simply-free.com/
    The Minimalist Mom — http://www.theminimalistmom.com/
    The Minimalists — http://www.theminimalists.com/
    Miss Minimalist — http://www.missminimalist.com/
    Rowdy Kittens — http://www.rowdykittens.com/
    Simplify Your Life — http://simplifyyourlife.tumblr.com/
    Zen Habits — http://zenhabits.net/


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