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Friday Favorites

Friday seems to be a nice day to wrap-up a week.  I enjoy Tim Ferris’ Five-Bullet Friday and Tsh Oxenreider’s Five Quick Things both of which I receive by email on Fridays.  I mentioned before that I also enjoy TGIF from Brene Brown which is a lovely wrap-up combined with gratitude and I like Erin Boyle’s My Week in Objects (because who doesn’t love beautiful objects?).

Favorites this week:

Quote: “It’s not the tragedies that kill us, it’s the messes.” – Dorothy Parker
I love Dorothy Parker’s wit and imagery and this quote fit my post on order perfectly this week.

Podcast: Tim Ferris interviewing Seth Godin.
This is an episode from 2016 that I hadn’t listened to previously and it had so many incredible nuggets of wisdom.  As with many of Tim’s interviews, it’s long (about 2 hours) but so good all the way to the end (where Seth includes a list of his favorite audiobooks).

Entertainment: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. “A female sleuth sashays through the back lanes and jazz clubs of Melbourne in the late 1920s, fighting injustice with her pearl-handled pistol and her dagger-sharp wit.” – IMDB
We didn’t watch TV for years while our kids were growing up and still find new-to-us shows regularly that are surprisingly good.  This is an Australian-produced series that we’re really enjoying together.

Book: Tightrope by Amanda Quick.
I mostly read non-fiction, so when I read fiction, I like light romance or mystery with witty dialogue.  Amanda Quick’s Burning Cove books include both romance and mystery.  I was born and raised in California and the big-studio heyday of the 1930’s in California is one of those times I would most like to travel back to (if time travel was a thing).

Music: Sinnerman by Nina Simone.
I love the 1965 live recording of this song and it came up on my playlist yesterday while I was working.  I can’t but feel more energized while listening.

What I Can’t Live Without

I love this little article series in the NY Mag, What XX Can’t Live Without*.  It’s an opportunity for people-who’ve-done-stuff (aka celebrities of substance?) to talk about what small things bring them joy on a daily basis.  It includes everything from face creams, to backpacks, to pens.

I’ve often been an evangelist of products I love — I waxed poetic about the virtues of the Tervis tumbler for years (I’ve since decided to reduce my plastic consumption but if you still have a need — they are still the best plastic tumblers out there).

I’ve written before about the quest for the perfect bag and and the downside of the graveyard of imperfection.  I think I’m finally learning that what is perfect for me in this moment is not perfect for me all the time.  I especially learned this in Japan where those same bags that worked so well for life in Tennessee don’t work at all for life in Japan.  Only two of my original six make the cut here (bag for work and bag for traveling).  The mixture of small spaces, lots of walking (or train travel), heat and humidity, have required different bag selections.  I’ve added a tiny roll-up shopping bag from Japan (Shupatto) and an Eddie Bauer Stasher Tote from Vancouver.  In Japan, it is also a regular practice to carry a “lunch bag” (a small canvas tote to carry your wallet, phone, and face cloth in when you leave the office for lunch) and a canvas pouch to carry essentials like glasses, lotion, lipstick that goes between your bags.  I’ve acquired each of these from a local store called “Niko and …” and they’re simple but effective.  (I will likely keep this idea when I got back to the States, but only time will tell!)

In addition to my favorite bag(s), I must always have a few things with me:

Hand lotion: I have dishydrotic eczema and my hands require moisturizing multiple times a day.  If they dry out, I end up with cracked skin on my thumbs and index fingers, so I’m passionate about keeping lotion with me at all times.  I’m currently enjoying Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm in Mandarin Rind/Rosemary Leaf/Cedar atlas which is a special treat because it’s ridiculously expensive.  

Lip balm: I have a hard time focusing on anything if my lips are dry.  I used to be addicted to Blistex, but my current favorite is Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig

Blue-blocker reading glasses: I need reading glasses for anything within an arms’ length but most of my reading is now done on a screen (for work and pleasure).  I started getting headaches and blue-blocker glasses were recommended.  These have been a life-saver for me and I keep a pair next to my bed, one at my desk, one at my kitchen table, and one next to the couch that I take with me when I leave the house.  They work great as a headband too 🙂

*Note: title taken with a grain of salt — we all know that things are just things.